Pearl MacDonald


Pearl Rovaris MacDonald is an improvisational comedian and keynote speaker,  who is known for her ability to improvise a song on the instant as well as her musical parodies on popular tunes.

As a keynote speaker, MacDonald presents on the issues of communication, diversity, conflict management and creativity.   She has delivered more than700 skill-packed presentations nationwide.

ComedyCity in Kansas City  is where Pearl first began exchanging quips with Pete Weber.  Her unique take on comedy was noticed, “Pearl MacDonald’s priceless sketches stand out because she’s interested in different things. Instead of just offering up TV show parodies and wouldn’t-it-be-funny-if premises, she often tries to figure out how people think and feel.” (The Pitch).  Pearl is the founder of “Pretty. Funny.   a sketch comedy show that is  also receiving high praise  “Pretty.Funny. channels comedic geniuses such as Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, …and Gilda Radner into their smart and sophisticated show that incorporates fearless physical humor, musical parodies and pantomime.”(435 South Magazine).

Having spent most of her adult life in the Kansas City area and having family in New Orleans Pearl has been around the jazz world her entire life.