12th Street Jump is part of a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, community-based performing arts organization that needs your support to ensure we can continue to produce and share original episodes that educate and entertain. With your contribution, you join a community of people who believe deeply in the preservation and ongoing livelihood of jazz: America’s original art form. It’s our hope to help cultivate a young audience that will appreciate and help take the music into the future.

Our nationally syndicated variety hour offers up history and a laugh that invites all ages to jump forward together. With over 100 stations carrying us already…the possibilities seem endless.

12th Street Jump Underwriting

Our listeners are loyal supporters who appreciate the higher grade of content that public radio offers. They listen to us to be entertained, informed by our historical segments, and to be kept current on the jazz world. Our listeners appreciate the non-commercial direct approach our sponsors can use to promote their businesses and services, and our listeners appreciate our sponsors’ support of the station. The loyalty in this exchange has kept public radio strong for decades, even as technology has led us to think otherwise. Your underwriting announcement will be crafted to suit your marketing and public relations needs while complying with the FCC regulations applicable to non-commercial stations and programs.

The Federal Communications Commission mandates that underwriting announcements may not include qualitative, comparative, or promotional language. Calls to action, pricing information and inducements to buy or sell are not allowed. These regulations serve to protect the non-commercial content that public radio listener’s value so highly. The special integrity of this relationship with our listeners extends to the underwriter as well by associating your business with the high quality programming of the 100+ stations that carry 12th Street Jump across the nation.

Announcements may include the following information:

Business or organization name, location of business, duration of business, business phone number, web address, value-neutral description of the business and organization, trade names, products, or services that identify the underwriter and established non-promotional corporate slogan.

Examples of Underwriting content we could air:

“American Airlines is a proud supporter of 12th Street Jump. An international airline offering service to more than 250 cities in approximately 50 countries. American Airlines – Be yourself, non-stop.”

“12th Street Jump is brought to you by the NAMM Foundation…a non-profit organization made up of  over 9,000 volunteers, dedicated to the mission of advancing active participation in music making. For more info, go to nammfoundation dot org.”

“12th Street Jump is sponsored by Cadillac. With more than 12 different models, including the 2013 ATS. Cadillac – Life. Liberty. And the Pursuit. Online at Cadillac dot com.” 

Every underwriting announcement from 12th Street Jump reaches into the homes, automobiles, and offices of decision makers in more than 100 markets across the country. This is an excellent opportunity to reach an active & affluent audience.

To discuss how you or your company can support or become an underwriter for 12th Street Jump 

contact Pete @ 816-559-3862 or